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Album: This is a private album that is not visible to anonymous users SISU DEFENCE



Album: SISU 8x8 Military Truck on tour in Norway, June 20...

Album: SISU ETP 8x8 and SISU A2045 4x4 military trucks

Album: Miscellaneous SISU military trucks

Album: SISU A2045 hand over, 8-Oct-2010

Album: SISU ETP 8x8 Military Trucks

Album: Sisu-NASAMS hand over - March 2011

Album: SISU 8x8 Launcher Vehicle on duty at And√łya

Album: SISU trucks in Parola, 30-May-2012

Album: SISU E11T 8x8

Album: SISU 8x8 - armoured fire truck

Album: SISU delivery to Estonia, 2-Nov-2012

Album: Verkosto -messutapahtuma 30.-31.1.2013

Album: FDF Flag Day parade march in Tammisaari, 4-Jun-201...

Album: Parade march in Helsinki, 22-Feb-2014

Album: SISU ETP sea transport